Dr. Walter Ward is a well known and successful Medical Doctor and Businessman from Johannesburg. He has 4 degrees which include Bachelor of Surgery (University of Witwatersrand), Bachelor Medicine (University of Witwatersrand), Master of Business Administration (University of Witwatersrand) and Advanced Management Program (Princeton University, United States).

After working in SA as a Medical Doctor, Dr. Ward moved to New Jersey (USA) and headed up Research and development for Bristol Squibb in Princeton. He then returned to South Africa to become the Founder and CEO of the Medicross group of over 55
clinics that he developed around SA, which revolutionised the delivery of medical care in South Africa and exceeded international standards. Combined with integrated Health Care Delivery this was a world first and was nominated for business of the year. Dr. Ward is currently in the final throws of developing the 2nd generation of Medical Centres throughout Africa which is a modern, highly efficient and much improved new up to date model of Health Care Delivery from his previous work.

Dr. Ward has done a number of other successful projects including developing a large retirement village in Twane, working with BMW to provide the leather for their car seats worldwide (CEO South African Tanneries), and writing the Bridgeway Business Model which specialised in the velocity of money in business cycles creating huge competitive advantage in structured finance as far as capital efficiency, working capital and taxation in corporates are concerned. The concept was also nominated for Business of the Year in 2006.

From his humble beginnings in a small town in the Freestate growing up in a poor family, Dr. Ward contributes his many successes to his basic beliefs taught by his parents which is his belief in always being truthful, always doing your best and living with God in your heart.

Projects by Dr. Walter Ward