Milestone birthday for Medicross East London

Well-known health practice celebrates 15 years

  • Daily Dispatch
  • 19 Nov 2011

DR Walter Ward, a General Practitioner in Johannesburg believed that family care in the medical arena could be enhanced by modifying the model that traditional General Practitioners were practising in. After identifying the concept in the USA in the early 1990’s, he decided to implement the same in South Africa. The concept was based around freeing Drs of Administration and general practice management hassles and to provide an extended range of Health Care disciplines under one roof.

Initially, Drs were sceptical and resistant to change but the Drs who believed in and supported the concept have proved it to be an excellent model where the environment is conducive to excellent relationships and the opportunity to provide quality care for patients.

Today Medicross features under the Primary Healthcare division of the Netcare Group. Medicross has grown significantly throughout South Africa and is represented in all major cities totalling more than 65 Medicross Clinics & Medicross Administered Practices nationally.

Medicross has grown to become a well known brand and is in fact a household name in many communities across South Africa.

A unique feature of Medicross is the number of healthcare disciplines under one umbrella which facilitates one stop medical and dental shopping in many instances leading to significant time saving for patients in the busy world we live in. East London Medicross is a typical point in case featuring general practitioners, dentists, physiotherapy, dietician, pharmacy, X-ray facilities, pathology depot, immunisation clinic for children and full medical assurance facilities.

Medicross provides the building, the equipment, the staff and performs the necessary practice management and administration enabling the Professionals to focus exclusively on patient care.

By having a large group of practitioners with different special medical interests and expertise, one is able to provide good quality care and match patients’ requirements as needed. Individual expertise between in-house colleagues in necessary instances is shared among the practitioners in the patient’s best interest, without any extra cost incurred by the patient. The Drs’ scope of practice is also expanded by Medicross being able to supply more sophisticated equipment which proves very expensive in a small practice situation.

In East London Medicross was opened on 1 March 1996. Drs Venter, Le Roux, van Rensburg and Filmer were the original practitioners and Drs Tarrant, Strydom and Crouse were the original dentists. This complement have now grown to 12 doctors and eight dentists. Added to the above, our facility provides the following – physiotherapy, dietician, pharmacy, X-ray facilities (has digital communication with East Cape Radiology practice) and an immunisation clinic for children. Furthermore the facility boasts a full medical assurance facility with lung function, Ergo ECG, and Ambulatory BP. The clinic also features a pathology depot for the collection of blood including the collection of other pathological specimens.

Because of its extended complement of doctors and dentists, Medicross is able to open its doors for extended hours from 7am to 10pm on a daily basis including Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays.

Medicross and its professional healthcare providers wish to thank all their patients for their loyalty and support over the past 15 years. Please be assured of our sincere commitment to continue servicing all your healthcare needs underwritten by good quality service into the future!